ruby tuesday (slinkhard) wrote in bmw_graphics,
ruby tuesday

Big mammoth cap dump! Basically been capping the whole series.

Very Shawn-centric as that was what was requested, but there's plenty of everything.

First up is S2 (followed by S4, S5, S6, S7 and S1 and 3 once I've found decent sized avis of some of my missing episodes. Oh, and some misc movies and tv show appearances from the cast, which I'll stick links to on the end of whichever season I finish last, rather than flood these comms.)

There's a ton of these, maybe 8000; from every episode of the season.
Cap size ranges from 720x480, to 480x360, dependent on the qualities of the vids I could find.
Do what you want with them, but comments are nice.

S2 of BMW caps

or in four separate files:

Danger Boy, Cyrano, Career Day, Breaking Up is Hard to Do, By Hook or Crook, Band on the Run, Back to School
Fear Strikes Out, Home, I Am Not a Crook, Mr Joad, Notorious, On the Air
Pairing Off, Pop Quiz, Sister Theresa, the Beard, Thrilla in Philla, the Turnaround
The Uninvited, Wake Up Little Cory, Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf, Wrong Side of the Tracks



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