ruby tuesday (slinkhard) wrote in bmw_graphics,
ruby tuesday

Caps of S5 (followed by S6, S7 and later S1 and S3.)
Very Shawn-centric as that was what was requested, but there's plenty of everything.

There's a ton of these; from every episode of the season.
Cap size ranges from 720x480, to 480x360, dependent on the qualities of the vids I could find.
Do what you want with them, but comments are nice.

In five separate files:

A Very Topanga Xmas, And Then There Was Shawn, Brothers, Chasing Angela, Eric Hollywood

First Girlfriend's Club, Fraternity Row, Graduation, Heartbreak Cory

Honesty Night, How to Succeed in Business, I Love You Donna Karan, If You Can't Be With The One You Love, It's Not You It's Me, Last Tango in Paris

No Guts No Cory, Promises Promises, Raging Cory, Boy Meets Real World

Starry Night, The Eskimo, The Witches of Pennebrook, Things Change, Torn Between Two Lovers



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