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Boy Meets World Graphics

Post or request BMW graphics

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This is a community for you to post or request "Boy Meets World" graphics, (from either me or other members.) This may include: icons, banners, friends only banners, desktop wallpapers, website backgrounds, etc. Please note that requests may take a few days to fill.

As stated in the rules, please keep all posts and comments clean, and be nice to others. Also, this is not a promotion community, so don't advertize for other communities unless you get permission from me.

request form:

Type of graphic, (ex. icon, banner, etc.):
Color scheme:
Websites for pictures, (if available):


There are a few rules in this community:

1. Although this is a "Boy Meets World" community, it is for graphics only. Please keep all posts graphics-relevant. If you want a community to talk about BMW in general, please check out my favorite community, _b_m_w.

2. Please credit all work, unless the artist specifically notes that he or she does not care about credit. For banners and such, credit on your user info page. For user pictures, credit in the comment blank. Also, only post your own work and do not credit someone else's work as your own. If I find out, I will delete your membership as this is a violation of copyright.

3. Obscenity, pornography, vulgarity, rude behavior, etc., will result in the deletion of both your post/comment and community membership.

parting words:

Finally, I am not an expert on html. Ask questions about overrides and such at everything_lj. Secondly, I will not make custom layouts. If you want a copy-and-paste layout that can be edited, check out spiralbound_lj, where I got my lovely (and altered) layout for my personal journal.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, you may post them in the community.

Thanks a bunch :)

~Liz & Hannah
(violette_b & bananabear333)


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

By star__graphics. Please credit.